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A competent property manager can add significant value to your investment, which is why many seasoned real estate investors will tell you that a good management company is worth their weight in gold.

Here are a few ways that a good property manager earns their keep:

1. Higher Quality Tenants that pay on time, rent longer, less problems
2. Fewer costly and time consuming legal problems
3. Shorter vacancy cycles
4. Better tenant retention
5. Tighter rent collection process
6. Assistance with tax deductions paper work
7. Lower maintenance and repair costs
8. Increase the value of the investment
9. Less stress
10. More freedom for you!

While every investors situation is different, there are certain scenarios and factors that typically predispose owners one way or the other.

The following questions may help you determine if you should consider hiring a property manager.

1. How far do you live from your rental property and how frequently can you visit the property on a regular basis?
2. How do you deal with stress? Do you consider yourself to be a tolerant person?
3. Are you currently overwhelmed with your property(s)?
4. How much experience do you have with maintenance and repairs?
5. How quickly are you able to get your unit rented?
6. Are you capable of handling the accounting and record keeping for your property?
7. Are you willing to be on call 24/7/365?
8. Are you willing to confront tenants about late payments and if need be evict them from the property?
9. How well do you understand the laws governing land lording?
10. From a financial standpoint, is managing your property the best use of your time?

Ultimately, your decision to hire or not hire a management company should hinge on whether or not it is a good fit with your lifestyle and makes sense financially.  Individual investors will have to assess the opportunity cost of both options based on their unique circumstances.

The following is a list of the tasks property managers commonly perform for owners. You may only need some of these property management services.

We can perform all services or just the things you need!

1. Evaluate the property and determine an accurate rental rate
2. Market the property for rent
3. Tenant Screening and Selection
4. Tenant Move In
5. Inspections
6. Maintenance, Repairs, and Remodeling
7. Tenant Move Out

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Getting started as a real estate investor can seem like a daunting task. There are so many things to consider, so many different strategies, and so many opportunities. As an aspiring real estate investor, here are three steps you can take to take in order to get started on the right foot.

1. Select a strategy - As part of choosing a strategy you should consider the type of investment you'd like to make and the area where you'd like to invest.

2. Gather your resources - Make sure you have enough cash or liquid assets to cover the down payment and closing costs. Secure financing so you'll be ready to pull the trigger when you come across a great deal that fits your plan.

3. Build a team - Regardless of the type of strategy you use, you'll need some help from various professionals you can trust, like a Realtor, mortgage broker, home inspector, insurance broker, accountant and property manager.

The most important thing is to just get started! Call us today.

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